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Desert Sunflower Vinyl Creations

Sticker/Decal Application Guide

Sticker Application Guide
All the information you need to make sure your sticker is applied flawlessly.
*DISCLAIMER: Desert Sunflower Vinyl Creations is not responsible for incorrect installation of stickers.*
• Clean the desired surface with soap and water to remove any dirt and oil on the surface.

• Position your decal in the desired area that you want to apply it. Once the sticker is located where you want it, lay it down on the area slowly.
• It is recommended using a squeegee to lay the sticker down and ensuring there is not any air bubbles inside. Run over the sticker a few times to apply pressure onto it ensuring a proper installation. (Credit cards can be used in place of a squeegee.)

• After the sticker has been pressed onto the surface it is highly recommended that you slowly take an edge of the transfer paper and slowly and carefully peel the backing away from the decal. Make sure the sticker stays down as you pull the transfer paper away, if the sticker does come up just re-apply the paper and go over the part that has come up. It will stick to the surface just remember to apply pressure!

• Enjoy the new sticker! Please make sure to tag us in social media (Instagram, Facebook) and we will make sure and will give you a shout out!